Hi mom’s girls !

Do you want to bring a new decorative touch to your girl’s bedroom ? But you don’t always go along with your girl about how to decorate it ?

As mom, you always value the way your girl want decorate her room…. but the ideas generally turns out to be “Kitsch”.

And you, girl, you want to decorate your bedroom as you want and not as your mom wants. After all it’s your room.

We completely understand both points.

The dilemma is about finding something that will please both parties. So here we are, trying to find a beautiful and cheap idea… (Yes cheap,because you know that your girl will change the decoration more than once.). But you don’t find anything ? We suggest you to create this lovely and inexpensive decoration (look at the photo here below) for a girl bedroom 🙂 It’s such an easy DIY to do in half a day by yourself or with your girl. Moreover to find a decoration, it will be a good opportunity to share a “mom-girl” moment ! Great, isn’t it ?

Bring a sunny touch to your girl's bedroom



Do you love our DIY idea ? Follow the tutorial here below 🙂



What do you need ?

Decoflair® rosettes M51


How to do ?

  1. Paint the rosettes in your favourite colours.
    Tip: to have a more beautiful result, put two coats of paint.
  2. Paint also the hooks in the same colours than your rosettes.
    Tip: to paint hooks, stick them into an apple, banana, orange…
  3. When everything is dried, drive the hooks into your rosettes.
  4. Fix your decoration with Decoflair® glue.
  5. And finally hang your jewellery, clothes, hat… on it !

Hope you will love our idea…

Have a nice DIY day with your children 🙂


Bring a sunny touch to your girl's bedroom



With Decoflair® you can let your imagination run wild




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