We completely fell in love with this trendy idea: to create oneselves a blackboard by means of blackboard paint.
Why did we ?
First, because a DIY-blackboard provides much more fun than a purchased one…
Furthermore you develop your creativity personalizing it according to your taste.
Finally, you could be proud to say to your friends and family: “Hi guys, that’s me who has built it !
You don’t believe me ? Test and let us a comment when you have built it.


Inspire yourself by looking at those gorgeous blackboards:


Being inspired by all these ideas, we have created our own blackboard… You also want to be original ? Discover our tutorial just here below 🙂


1. You need:


2. Choose your dimensions and cut the mouldings to length (4 pieces).
We have chosen the Decoflair® moulding C2 because we want to create a large blackboard. But if you prefer a smaller one, we recommend to use the Decoflair® moulding D12 or the Decoflair® moulding C5.
TIP: to get a smooth surface, sand the ends of the mouldings by means of an emery paper.

Step 2 | DIY: be trendy, create a blackboard


3. If you are going to create a rectangular blackboard you will have 2 small and 2 large pieces.
As you can see, the ends of the mouldings are smooth now.

Step 3 | DIY: be trendy, create a blackboard


4. Place the adhesive crepe tape directly on the wall, it will help you to avoid extending the painting outside of your frame.
Now you can paint your surface with the blackboard paint. Let dry overnight and apply one more layer the next day.
When the second layer is dry, you can remove the crepe adhesive tape.

Step 4 | DIY: be trendy, create a blackboard


5. Fix the frame on the wall with the Decoflair® glue.
Your blackboard is ready now ! Finally you can write/draw on it !

DIY: be trendy, create a blackboard


Hope you enjoyed this tutorial ! See you the next one 🙂

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