Are you struggling to find a beautiful coat rack that will completely match with your interior ? We have realized 3 original DIY coat racks… And moreover to be original, our ideas can be 100% personalized ! You can choose the best dimensions and colours which will go along with your interior decoration. Are you curious to discover it ? Just have a look here below 🙂


Our first DIY coat rack idea is very easy to do and is feasible in just half a day…

3 easy and unique DIY coat racks


What do you need


How to do

  1. Choose the dimensions of your coat rack.
  2. Use your measuring tape and point the mark on the moulding with your ballpoint.
  3. Then cut the moulding.
    TIP: to get a smooth surface, sand the ends of the moulding with emery paper.
  4. Paint your coat rack with your favourite colour.
    TIP: to have a more beautiful result, you can add 2 coats of paint.
  5. Place the hooks on your moulding 🙂
  6. And finally, fix your coat rack with the Decoflair® glue on your wall.



If you prefer something a little more fun, have a look at this idea…

3 easy and unique DIY coat racks


The height of your coat rack is one meter and the width is 80 centimeters. If you want to create the same one, you need:


How to do

We advise to use the moulding C9 as a basis for your realization. (the C9 is flat, and so it will be easier to paste the 2 other mouldings on it.)

  1. Saw the mouldings C9 in three equal parts. (each one measures 80 centimeters)
  2. After that, cut the mouldings C10 in three equal parts (1 meter each part) and do the same with the mouldings CL1.
  3. Now you can paint your mouldings in your favourite colours. We have chosen three different colours. But feel free to paint them in as many as you want.
    TIP: we advise to put three layers of paint and then cover it with a bright transparent paint.
  4. Once your mouldings are dry, paste them with Decoflair® glue on the walls.
  5. And finally stick the hooks wherever you want on your coat rack 🙂

Tadaaa you can hang your coats !



Your kids will love this third idea 🙂

Pinterest | 3 easy and unique DIY coat racks

Source: Pinterest

What do you need

  • Decoflair® baseboards C9
  • Decoflair® glue
  • Paint (we choose 3 different colours)
  • Paintbrush
  • 3 stools
  • Crepe adhesive tape
  • 3 Hooks


How to do

  • Place the Decoflair® baseboards C9 with the Decoflair® glue.
  • Paint the 3 stools with your favourite colour.
    TIP: to have a more beautiful result, add 2 coats of paint.
  • Then place the crepe adhesive tape on your wall, it will help to avoid extending the painting.
  • Then you can paint your surface with your favourite colours. Inspire yourself by looking at the photo above…
    Let dry overnight and apply one more layer the next day.
    When the second layer is dry, you can remove the crepe adhesive tape !
  • Place your hooks. And finally hang your coats/schoolbag 🙂


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