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This week we would like to share with you our towel holder created with a rosette. And we are going to impress you by saying that this DIY idea will only take ten minutes or one hour ! Ten minutes if like us you decide to keep your rosette in white (original colour). One hour if you decide to paint it in the colour that will be in harmony with your bathroom/kitchen.


To create the towel holder, you just need:

  • 1 Decoflair® rosette M50 (or more if you want to create several towel holders)
  • 1 hook (or more like above)
  • Decoflair® glue
  • Your towel(s)


material-create a towel holder


How to do:

  1. Drive the hook into the rosette by turning the hook from the left to right
  2. Glue the rosette with the Decoflair® glue on the wall.
    TIP: we advise you to wait 20 minutes to hang your towels… In order to make sure that your glue is well-solidified. Otherwise, you might see your towel holder on the ground…


And you have already finished your towel holder 🙂

Create a simple and elegant towel holder


If you want to color the rosette, we advise you to paint it BEFORE you place the hook on the rosette. And to have a more beautiful result, put two coats of paint…


We hope that you have enjoyed reading this…


See you next week 🙂


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