Hi guys!

You feel like your mirror in your bedroom/bathroom looks too boring… But you don’t want to replace it, you just want to give it a new look. Be reassured, we have a DIY idea to customise it ! Good news, isn’t it ?
Are you curious to discover our solution ? So stop talking… It’s DIY time 🙂



What do you need ?

Decoflair® moulding C2


We have chosen the moulding C2, but you can select the best one for your interior space.


Step 1: measure your mirror with your measuring tape. According to the dimensions, use your measuring tape again but this time on your mouldings and point the marks with your ball point.

Step 1 | Customise your mirror with mouldings


Step 2: cut the mouldings. We have a rectangular mirror, so we have 2 small and 2 large.
TIP: double check to make sure that the 4 sides fit your mirror.

Step 2 | Customise your mirror with mouldings


Step 3: then glue the 4 sides together with the Decoflair® glue to build your frame.
TIP: if you have gaps when you put together the 4 sides, don’t worry! Fill the gaps with the Decoflair® glue and wipe directly away the excess and let dry.


Step 4: you can paint your frame with the colour that will match with your interior.
TIP: apply 2 coats of paint.

Step 4 | Customise your mirror with mouldings


Step 5: Let dry. Finally you can fix your frame on your mirror with the Decoflair® glue.

Step 5 | Customise your mirror with mouldings


Customise your mirror with mouldings



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