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This week we have created a lovely and easy DIY suspension for your cactus. And you know what ? To realize this DIY idea, you can do what you want: you are the king/queen of your decisions. If you want a small suspension, you can do it. If you want a blue suspension, you can do it. If you want a suspension with polka-dots, you can also do it… Our decoration can be entirely personalized. Fantastic, isn’t it ? 🙂




You will need

  • Ball point
  • Measuring tape
  • One Decoflair® moulding C9
  • Saw
  • Rope
  • Boring machine
  • Hooks
  • (We decided to leave our suspension in white, but if you want to colour it: you will need a paintbrush and paint)
  • Your cactus

Material | A beautiful suspension for your cactus


      1. Choose the dimension of your suspension.
        We just have 2 cactus, so we have decided to use a small one: 45 centimeters.


      1. To have the ends parallel, use your measuring tape and point the mark with your ball point.
        Step 2 | A beautiful suspension for your cactus


      1. Cut the moulding with your saw.
        Step 3 | A beautiful suspension for your cactus


      1. Create two holes in the two ends of the moulding with your boring machine.
        Step 4 | A beautiful suspension for your cactusIf you want to color the moulding, paint it before you create the holes, because the paint fills up again in the holes that you will have done…


      1. According to the hoped height, cut your rope to the length that you want.
        But don’t forget that you will have to tie a knot below your moulding and a knot to hang your suspension.


      1. Drill two holes in the wall for the hooks. If you don’t have experience with that, ask to a friend/dad/boyfriend to help you for this step 🙂
        As you have seen, the Decoflair® moulding C9 is not heavy. So feel free to choose the hooks as you want !


    1. Now you can hang your suspension and put your cactus on it. Tadaaaa !


    A beautiful suspension for your cactus


    What do you think about our realization ?

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