Hi girls !
We hope that you enjoyed reading our article “A cool DIY idea to hang your scarves” from last week.
As we have promised, this week we are going to tidy up our hats.
We are going to create a beautiful “hat holder”. And good news, you could also suspend your bags on it… Amazing isn’t it ? 🙂
Are you curious to discover our DIY idea ? Just follow the steps of our tutorial !


1. The first “task” involves sorting out your hats and bags ! No, you can’t skip it… it’s a crucial step of this tutorial 🙂


2. We have realised a hat/bag holder. But if you want you can create one “hat holder” and one “bag holder”. Feel free to do whatever you prefer.  Just don’t forget to make sure to have enough material (baseboard, hooks, knobs).
Here is the list of what you need to create a hat/bag holder:
– 1 Decoflair® moulding C10
– Mitre box
– Saw
– Ball point
– Measuring tape
– Screwdriver
– Hooks or knobs (we fell in love with this coloured knobs, just have a look at the photo here below, but to have a similar result you can also paint your hooks in different colours)
– Drilling machine
– Decoflair® glueMaterial │ DIY: create a hat/bag holder


3. Choose the dimension of your “hat/bag holder”.
We have decided to create one of 70 centimetres.Step 3 │ DIY: create a hat/bag holder



4. Then cut the moulding.
TIP: to get a smooth surface, sand the ends of the moulding by means of an emery paper.Step 4 │ DIY: create a hat/bag holder



5. To be sure to place your hooks/knobs at equal distance, use your ball point and make a point every 10 centimetres (feel free to choose the distance that will match with your decoration).



6. After that, drill to each point.Step 6 │ DIY: create a hat/bag holder



7. Place the hooks/knobs.
If necessary, use the screwdriver.Step 7 │ DIY: create a hat/bag holder



8. Glue the moulding on the wall with the Decoflair® glue.Step 8 │ DIY: create a hat/bag holder



9. Let dry for 20 minutes.



10. Finally you can hang your hats/bags on your decoration 🙂DIY: create a hat/bag holder





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