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is an international leading company active in the development, production and marketing of synthetic foams. Founded in 1950. NMC develops, manufactures and markets synthetic foam products. Our 1200 worldwide associates strive to develop innovative, reliable, and high-quality products supported by a complete service package.

NMC offers optimal foam solutions for the highest technical demands in the following sectors: room and facade design, insulation, industry and packaging as well as sport and leisure. Our website:




Are you a DIY blogger and you want to use our Decoflair® products  ? We can supply you a free sample of your favourite moulding/rosette/chair-rail-baseboard/wall panel, we just ask you in exchange to send us photos of your realization(s)… Great isn’t it ?
Or are you interested to create a partnership with us ?
In the two cases, contact us at or fill the form here below, we will reply you within short…