This week we have created a suspension for your aromatic plants…
Moreover to be functional, our decoration is original and sooooo lovely 🙂 It will give a modern touch to your kitchen !
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DIY: a lovely suspension for your aromatic plants



What do you need to create this suspension ?

  • 3D Wall Panels Ocean/ Laces/ Sahara
    Choose your favourite one. You don’t know what our 3D Wall Panels look like ? Discover it here!
  • Nails
  • String
  • Water bottles
  • Box cutter
  • Compost
  • Aromatic plants

Material | DIY: a lovely suspension for your aromatic plants



How to do ?

    1. How to install our 3D Wall Panels
      Installation with visible jointsStep 1 | DIY: a lovely suspension for your aromatic plants © Decoflair







      – We have decided to leave our 3D Wall Panels in white, but if you want to paint them: paint the panels using a roller for smooth surfaces or a spray.
      Be sure also to apply a coat of paint on the edge of the panels.



      – With the help of a panel draw up reference marks to determine the final alignment of the panels.



      – During the drying time drive support nails at the bottom line for stabilization in case of free-standing installation.



      – Pay attention to matching the colour of the bottom seal and the final colour of the panels.



      – Glue the back of the panels with Decoflair®PLUS adhesive taking care to provide the whole perimeter with a continuous glue line.



      – Align the panels and press them firmly until the glue adheres, according to the adhesive manufacturer’s recommendations.



      – In order to achieve an installation with uniform joints, use between each panel tile crosses of 2mm.



      Discover the Decoflair 3D Wall Panels installation instructions in your language here.








    1. Cut the water bottles with a box cutter.


    1. Put the compost into the water bottles.


    1. Plant aromatic plants into your water bottles.


    1. Then the nails into the 3D Wall Panels.


    1. Place the string around the water bottles.


  1. Finally you can hang your suspension to the 3D Wall Panels 🙂

DIY: a lovely suspension for your aromatic plants © Decoflair |

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